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Does Intel C++ compiler support /J compiler option



Microsoft supports /J compiler option to treat char as "unsigned char" in c++ projects. This I need for my project and I cannot change that. But when I compile my project with Intel C++ compiler, I get an error "ATL doesn't support compilation with /J or _CHAR_UNSIGNED flag enabled".

If I understand correctly, I won't be able to use Intel's Advisor and Pointer checker tools unless I compile my project with Intel's C++ compiler. But my project setting is blocking me from using them. Can anyone please suggest me some advice?

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The Intel Compiler supports the /J option. Take a look at the documentation of the latest version and the supported options and you will notice that the option is still there.

The problem is that you are trying to use the compiler option with ATL/MFC. If you take a look at the ATL documentation, you will notice the following warning about the usage of the /J compiler option with ATL/MFC:

"If you use this compiler option with ATL/MFC, an error might be generated. Although you could disable this error by defining _ATL_ALLOW_CHAR_UNSIGNED, this workaround is not supported and may not always work."


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