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E3 & I7 hosted in the same type mother card ?

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E3/I7 using socket LGA1155

If i refere mother card Intel Server Board S1200BT file at:

Is given

Support for one Intel Xeon Processor E3-1200 Series or Intel Core Processor
i3-2100 Series in FC-LGA 1155 socket package.
2.5 GT/s point-to-point DMI interface to PCH
LGA 1155 pin socket

Also with other way
Given socket (LGA1155)

Exist an difference FC-LGA 1155 with LGA1155 ?
Seem not sure when i read this link

I have to my hand Mother card ASUS P8Z68-V
(Intel Z68 Express Chipset)
I don't know if it possible used hosted XEON E3.

Technical Asus documentation not give that this processor compatible.
only serie G620 to I7
I have already read an answer (an link in your database) that not supported official Asus side.
but Word expression used "official" give doubt as is realy sure is negative result.
To more concrete , Xeon E3 not supported with Z68 Express Chipset ?
It could be rejected with locked firmware ?
For one time, maybe an possibility to use recent Xeon with an configuration popular low price ....
but seem uncertain...
Please could you give light me more about subject ...


Well !, I have find now (P8B_WS) offical working several E3 and I series also low price..
(just an very little more expensive) ( have chipsets Intel C206) and usb3 ,that not present
S1200BT intel card.
better than i make to same that with the crafts is doubtful.
but persisting with no explain about the difference C206 & z68 supposed not reversible
I forget....
submit title (Compatible Processors)
E3 not given in range

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Mother board Intel DZ68DB (with USB3)
chipset Intel Z68 Express
Give several Ix series, other ,and two E3 could be hosted (z68)

Maybe to future probably more effective I make query to AMD site,I think.

I forget
submit title (Compatible Processors)
E3 not given in range

Hi bustaf,

For hardware support questions like this, I'd probably try to get answers. Hope that helps.
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Hi Brandon , and thank you for your answer

I have already consulting your database
this thread relation

I have buy this type mother board (title personal)just for testing new functions (options processors)
of new firmware and verify exactly the effect when is cumulate options contradictory
compiler and some specific code sources (asynchronous) also other new options etc...
After some tests , I understand that require several model processor.
Is better i buy only one mother board that two...
I have read link (
that resulting to false my reasoning.
I have discovered last model Intel mother board ,only after on an other side that your database.

Also i have searching mother board to E7 (using also title personal for tests)
I have find only one but too expensive for me ,
Maybe, this one using socket and chipset "Balthazar Picsou", I think...
I wait tests with the machine of customer more reasonable for my pitiful fortune..

To finish positive I have observed with new model technology Sandy bridge that
the performances largely better to old models., i think sincerely, that this new step
developed is very very significant progress.
About result my tests and relation (Bios), it are difficult with my small and old head now, require more
time for understand completely and appreciate really just , expensive !! but i progressing well....