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Eventual C++ AMP Support?

Now that C++ AMP has been released as an open standard, is Intel C++ planning to get involved with the project and eventually implement it? As a user, can I suggest making and announcing a decision sooner rather than later since it may change people's minds about what compilers they plan to target with their libraries. It would be great if AMP became more than a GPGPU-centric library and language extension.
It may be too early for you guys to answer, but as great as Cilk and TBB may be, they just don't 'smell' like they could ever be an open standard to unite parallel computing across hardware platforms and compilers.
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AMP - Accelerated Massive Parallelism

Honestly, I didn't hear anything about C++AMP until you posted the message. Thank you!

My first impressions after a quick review of several articles on the weband C++ AMP Specifications? That's too early to say anything...

Aquestion is: Where couldeverybody find C++AMP Specifications?

Here itis:

( Version 0.9 \ January2012 \ This is a131-page document )

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