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Every message marked spam?


Ever time I post a C++ compiler question on here with technical details it is marked as spam and deleted.  Any solutions?

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Turns out that all my posts that were marked as "spam" and that were deleted, suddenly re-appeared, so now there are multiple questions on the same topic of compiler flags - my apologies, I did not intend that to happen, and now I cannot see a way to delete the duplicates or combine topics.  Sorry, unintended!

If an Intel forum support person reads this, some suggestions regarding the forum:

1) The "Message marked as spam" alert after posting is very unclear, and doesn't indicate that the message is in review or any other process is in place.  Since the message thread disappears shortly after, it would appear to a user that the message was deleted as spam.

2) The "Message marked as spam" alert does contain a "If this is in error" link, but that link takes you to the "Report this message as inappropriate" page, so that's the wrong link for that action.

3) If you go to the "Help / Contact Us" link that shows up on forum pages in the bottom right, that goes to a 404 page not found.