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File contains invalid .pdata contributions when building 64-bit dll


Hi, I currently migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit am encountering a "LNK1223: invalid or corrupt file: file contains invalid .pdata contributions" when attempting to build a 64-bit managed C++ dll that links to an unmanaged C++ .lib file that I also built.

The unmanaged C++ libs are being compiled with the Intel compiler, while the managed DLL is being built using the Microsoft compiler.The dll compiles just fine when the lib has been compiled using the Microsoft compiler. Also, this is the only lib that is causing issues. I am linking in a large number of libs, all compiled with the same options under the same intel compiler.

So far, I have found that this errorshouldonly occur while building for RISC machines, but this is not the case in my situation. Does anyone know about this error and the possible issues that might cause it?

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