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Forum issue

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The forum editor seems to have a thing for using
instead of

. The main difference between the two is that paragraphs (

) have line-breaks added automatically while div does not.

Here I am on the second paragraph, and the editor now shows "Path: div". This is why so many people's posts are messy, I think.
This is another div. See how it is not separated from the one before?

I've manually edited this and the next paragraph to be

instead of


See how they are properly spaced?

- Oliver

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Hi Oliver,
Thanks for your posting.

I'm not sure I understand the problem. I tried some div tags, and it worked as expected.

Please do explain it in more detail and thanks!

My test below:

This is a header within div1

This is a paragraph.

another DIV2 line.
one more DIV line within DIV2.
text two DIVs but before end of DIV1.
after div1.
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I'm using the Visual Editor to write this. At this point, I'm going to hit return twice (paragraph).
Now the bottom of the editor says "Path: div". I'm going to hit return twice.
So on my screen, this shows as a new paragraph.
I'll try to do this visually. Where I put "||" is where I am hitting return twice, and should display as the end of a paragraph (so there should be blank lines between here and the start of the next sentence).
The quick brown fox||
jumps over||
the lazy dog.||
"div" just stands for division. It allows for distinction between blocks of text without requiring a separator. "p" stands for paragraph, and implies a line break at the end of the container.||
Now I'm going to do this manually using the HTML editor.||

The quick brown fox||

jumps over||

the lazy dog.||

(There, || indicates where I am going to put the