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Free seminar on Intel(R) Software Development Tools


Seminar overview:

Intel is hosting a FREE seminar on Intel Software Development Tools.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006 from 8:30 am to 4 pm EST


Intel Hudson, Ma.

How to register: Contact Bob Bergeron or Frank Terlecki. 978 266 3878 781 826 2697

Directions will be provided upon registration.


Maximize Your Application Performance on
Multi-Core Intel Processors

Accelerate application performance using Intel Compilers.

Compatible with other tools developers use. Intel Compilers integrate

with popular development environments and feature source and binary

compatibility with widely-used compilers.

Maximize Code Performance

Intel VTune Performance Analyzer helps you streamline your code

with just a few clicks, taking you beyond educated guessing. Analyze 32 bit,

64-bit native or remote systems to optimize performance across Intel architectures

Essential Tools for Threading

Intel Threading Tools simplify the introduction of threading to your application

development. The tools offer valuable insight into threading behavior and performance

bottlenecks for applications running on Intel multi-core processor, multiprocessor

and Hyper-Threading Technology-based systems.

Accelerate Your Application Development

Intel Performance Libraries provide highly optimized functions that take full

advantage of Intel processors, so that you can achieve maximum application

performance and reduce development time.

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