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Funny,sporadic error messages with old Intel Icc compiler 9.1.045


We got sporadic messages like this, during compile or link, on an older Linux (release reference) computer. Since we could not "google" anything about this, we needed some time finding its origin:

internal error: ILIO_Buffer_Module_Symtab_Put
2014-10-29 08:23:56.316 |
2014-10-29 08:23:56.401 | compilation aborted for /mnt/simxact2/sigtest64/calvin/workspace/dcz_EDTS-XX-YY/hitrax/src/edts/libs/xact3d/xact3d_vol.cpp (code 4)
2014-10-29 08:23:56.402 | make: *** [xact3d/xact3d_vol.o] Error 4
2014-10-29 08:23:56.402 | make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
2014-10-29 08:23:56.454 | /tmp/icpcewKrpvas_.s: Assembler messages:
2014-10-29 08:23:56.454 | /tmp/icpcewKrpvas_.s:38907: Warning: end of file not at end of a line; newline inserted
2014-10-29 08:23:56.854 | /tmp/icpceYVUCaas_.s: Assembler messages:
2014-10-29 08:23:56.854 | /tmp/icpceYVUCaas_.s:143000: Warning: rest of line ignored; first ignored character is `0'
2014-10-29 08:23:56.856 | /tmp/icpceYVUCaas_.s:143004: Error: can't resolve `..___tag_value__Z22Xact3d_class_GreenAL3DP3enviRKN3Alg11MachineTypeER11Alarmlist3Dd.3149' {*UND* section}
or this one:
internal error: ILIO_Buffer_Module_Symtab_Put
compilation aborted for cxcmp.cpp (code 4)
make[12]: *** [] Error 4
(0): internal error: ILIO_Buffer_Routine_Setup: fseek
/tmp/icpc8q0ffDas_.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/icpc8q0ffDas_.s:0: Warning: end of file not at end of a line; newline inserted
icpc: error: could not find directory in which g++ resides
Finally we found the reason: there was not enough storage space in the directory for temporary files, /tmp, depending on how many compiles or link commands were running in parallel.
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i>>>nternal error: ILIO_Buffer_Module_Symtab_Put>>>

This message  looks like ICE .

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