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Has icc/icpc 14.0 lost ability to inline from .a libraries?

I did the following and could not get f to be inlined. $ cat test.c int f() { return 3; } $ cat #include using namespace std; extern "C" int f(); int main() { printf("%d\n", f()); } $ icc -c test.c -ipo $ xiar cr libtest.a test.o xiar: executing 'ar' $ icpc -c -ipo $ icpc test.o libtest.a -ipo -otest $ objdump -d test|grep '' 400ae2: e8 19 00 00 00 callq 400b00 0000000000400b00 : $ icpc -v icpc version 14.0.0 (gcc version 4.8.0 compatibility) $ icc -v icc version 14.0.0 (gcc version 4.8.0 compatibility)
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