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How to add other nodes to the head node?

Hi friends,

I have a cluster having 4 nodes. On the head node, I installed Intel C++ and Fortran by the license file that I got from Intel. Now I want to share them among all other nodes by sharing the installed one, as I want to have access to the same software I've installed on the head node. To do so, I create the intel directory under /opt directory, and then used this command in the head node:
cluster-fork "mount /opt/intel"
It is shared correctly, but when I test ifort command on the node (to compile a Fortran file), I get this error message:
ifort: error #10149: option '-cxxlib-gcc' not supported with the current installed GCC
Whereas this command works well on the head node. If I am not mistaken, I think it is because of the license that I am using, meaning that it is only defined for the head node, and that's why ifort is looking for the other alternatives (Intel Fortran uses C++ to compile somehow). Please let me know how to resolve this issue?
Thank you,
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This question may have to go to an expert on the Fortran compiler (more topical on the Fortran forum). I suspect it may have to do with a gcc version in your installation which is newer than those with which your ifort version was tested, or maybe different gcc versions active on various nodes. It may be useful if you will quote the result of
ifort -V
g++ -v
as seen on each node.

You might consider making the full compiler installation local to the head node (or build node), but sharing the library directory across the cluster.
Thank you for the response. Let me ask the question this way: To use Intel C++/Fortran on the nodes other than the head node, what should I do?
1- Buy another license(s) and install it on all other nodes?
2- Install it on all other nodes using the same license
3- Just share them (By NFS for example) from the head node and make them accessible for all other nodes? (In fact, this is the way I have done, and still have problem)
Thank you,