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How to enable C++14/17 features with Intel C++?


I am using Intel Parallel Studio 18 with Latest Visual Studio 2017(15.6.2) version
I am trying to use std::variant but I couldn't compile and there is no compiler option to set standard c++ version to latest.
Here is some images:










Please help on this matter. I recently update Visual Studio 2017 to latest version and  Intel Parallel Studio Xe 2018 to update 1.
I disable C++11 support and added /Qstd=c++17 and -std=c++17 compiler options in visual studio under C/C++ -> CommandLine
,but issue still persist.

  • Also If you someone can mentioned how to enable latest C11 features too.. it;s really appreciated
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In this situation, you can't expect ICL to go beyond what is implemented in the Microsoft compiler.  On the other hand, if the Microsoft compiler implements a new feature which ICL does not, you could report it as a bug or feature request.  If it is not in the list to which you refer, that would seem to be a feature request.  By the way, it might be reasonable to request the option work when spelled the Microsoft way or with Qstd, but perhaps not with the linux way.

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