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How to manage have both C++ and fortran setup in path

Good morning

I have installed l_compxe_intel64_2011.1.107 and users can access ifort sourcing
then I had to install c_studio_xe_2011_intel64 to get icc and icpc
and it is said also to source /opt/intel/bin/compilervars.csh
but no way to get the path of icc and ifort together

I have tried to use /opt/intel/composerxe-2011/bin/
but when I link one compiler the other is unlink

I forgot to say that i have install them in the same directory /opt/intel

Can you tell me how to manage get both compiler in path ?

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Black Belt
Please state what you mean by "no way to get the paths of icc and ifort together".

When you source the startup shell script of either compiler, the necessary paths are added to $PATH, etc. I have the 12.0.084 versions, and here is what I see:

[bash]$ . MIRROR/IFC12/bin/ intel64
$ . MIRROR/IFC12/bin/ intel64
$ icc -c cmain.c
$ ifort -nofor-main cmain.o ffunc.f90 
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