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How to mantain C++ IC11 and IC13 simultaneously


I want to use IC13 for new projects and compile old ones with IC11, so I want to keep two compilers on my machine and use them in different projects(maybe even within single solution in Visual Studio).  I tried to install Parallel Studio XE 13 without uninstalling IC11. When I do this, Visual Studio no longer sees IC11, when I try to open IC11 project, visual studio attemps to convert it to new IC13 format right away. Seems like IC13 not just overrides but overwrites all settings for Visual Studio, because when I uninstall Parallel Studio XE 13, there is niehter Intel C++ toolbar in VS nor IC11 projects are able to open.

Are there any manuals or tips on how to set this up correctly?

Thank you!

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>>...Are there any manuals or tips on how to set this up correctly? For every version of Intel C++ compiler I use different project or solution files. For example, ICC v7.1 - WsSca.VS98I7.dsw ICC v8.1 - WsSca.VS98I8.dsw ICC v12.1 - WsAll.VS05PE.sln ICC v13.0 - WsAll.VS08PE.sln and so on in case of VSs 2010, 2012, etc. It is impossible to have just one solution for different versions of Intel C++ compiler and different versions ( editions ) of VSs. One more note is: I did not install ICC v12.1 and ICC v13.0 on the same development computer and several computers are used instead. This is how it looks like: [ Computer A ] ICC v12.1 - UI integration with VS 2005 [ Computer B ] ICC v7.1 - UI integration with VC++ v6 ICC v8.1 - UI integration with VC++ v6 ICC v13.0 - UI integration with VS 2008 [ Computer C ] ICC v7.1 - UI integration with VC++ v6 ICC v8.1 - UI integration with VC++ v6 For all the rest VSs ( 2010 and 2012 Express Editions ( on Computers A and B ) ) only command line integrations are done. In overall, all these configuration issues could be resolved and I admit that it is a very time consuming process.
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For integration of one update version each of ICL 12.x (xe2011) and 13.x (xe2013) it should be relatively easy, remembering that only VS2008 and 2010 (Pro and above) are supported for integration of this range of ICL versions.  If installation of xe2013 causes xe2011 to disappear, it seems like a buglet, but you should be able to repeat the xe2011 installation (at least if you don't try to go back to the original update 0) and have both available.

You would need to check which ICL version is selected in Visual Studio, in case it defaults to the last one installed.

If you don't use the same VS version for both ICL installations, you can expect an attempt to update your project when you open it under the newer environment.  I suppose the solution for that would be to keep your older projects in separate folders.

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