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How to open a licensing ticket?



We bought a 1 year license for the Intel parallel studio XE, C++ and Fortran for Linux.

The licensing seems broken.  Our account works, we can register a host, we can start lmgrd, we can download the intel compiler suite, we can contact the license server, but it always says we aren't licensed for that product.

I tried numerous pages, seems like every time I find some promising documentation, it's a dead link.  I found a mention of the "Intel® Software Development Products Download, Registration & Licensing Forum", but it's closed/archived.

That refers to:

Which refers to

But you have to "choose your product", which doesn't list compilers under software or servers.  The search doesn't find parallel studio, even though I'm signed in.  The docs claim "request support" should have a checkbox for "product or service I already own".  But it doesn't.

I found a "contact support" link that says I need my "Intel component number" before you contact them, I can't find the "Intel component number" for Parallel Studio XE.

I tried opening a ticket and searching for a product or service, I tried "C++", and it just busy waited forever.

I also found that there should be a "development" under the software section, but it's missing.

Any suggestions of how to open a ticket for a licensing issue?  I've installed the compiler many times and this seems clearly to be a licensing issue where our account lets us download the compiler, but it's not the one we have a license for.













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Hi Bill, is the right place to submit a ticket. 

What were the actual messages? Did you see the error while you are trying to install the compiler?