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IC++ compiler 11.1 for Win7

We're using IC++ 11.1. While migrating from Windows Vista to Win7, installation of the same failed.
I came to know that IC++ 11.1 update 8, which is the very latest one, fixes this issue. Could you let me know how to get that instead of having the newer IC++ composer XE 2011?
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If you have license for Intel C++ compiler 11.1 orComposer XE, the you may follow the following step to download11.1 update 8:

1.Loginto Intel Registration and download center using link You should see Intel C++ Studio XE for Windows* and below it Intel C++ Composer XE for Windows*.

2. Clickat Version 2011 (Update 2).A new dowload page comes up.

3. You should see "Select other packages from the dropdown menu:" and a drop down box for Release 2011. Click at 2011.

4. Select 11.1 from the drop down list.

5. Now from the "Update" drop down box you select "Update 8 Eng/JPN".

6. The products are listed on this page for different platfroms. Now you can download the the product for your platform.