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ICC 11.1 Linux cannot compile V8

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Hello, I tried to compile the V8 JavaScript Engine (used in Chrome) with ICC 11.1 on Linux but without success.

I noticed a bug report about this is already in the V8 bug tracker.

It seems the attached patch is not required any more to start compilation, just exporting the compiler, but the error remains regardless.
I'm posting here to verify if this a compiler problem or has to be fixed in the code. Thanks.
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Missed this post.

Can you give the zipped source or the preprocessed file that reproduces the error. I could not download asI do not have svn installed, and it had lot of other dependencies which needed to be present on system.

Also, please let me know if you are compiling on Linux or Mac, as the bug report shows.

I am not sure if its compiler problem, and also you could try using the latest 11.1.073 .
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The simplest workaround here may be turning this error into warning.

You could do it by adding -wd803 option to icpc.

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