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ICC v13 Beta Questions


Announced features:

* noexcept

* initializer lists

* character types char16_t and char32_t

* nullptr

Lets check it:

1) void* p = nullptr; //error: identifier "nullptr" is undefined

Okay, google it and add/Qoption,cpp,"--nullptr". Works.

2) char16_t c0 = u'1'; // error: identifier "char16_t" is undefined

auto c1 = u'1'; // OK

auto c1 = u'1', c2 = U'1'; //error: "auto" type is "unsigned int" for this entity, but was previously implied to be "unsigned short"

unsigned int? even with/Qoption,cpp,"--uliterals" ICC still doesn't know char16_t.

3) void f(){} void test(){ static const bool foo = noexcept(f); } //error: identifier "noexcept" is undefined

4) std::initializer_list - GCC's implementation not work with ICC (on windows, just copied sources).

How to write implementation which will be compatible with ICC?

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Problems with beta compiler are better posted on, as beta agreements have usually required (I didn't see this one).
ICL on Windows generally doesn't guarantee compatibility with gcc, in cases where that may conflict with MSVC usage. You might still file on premier as a feature request, to raise awareness of customer interest in such compatibility.
I saw today that gcc is trying to move toward interoperability with MSVC but it won't happen in this time frame.
Unfortunately, it may be too late to get attention to issues on the beta compiler, but you could file them anyway and file again against release compiler when that comes out, if you didn't get a reply and there is still a problem.
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