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Install issue with Compiler Pro/Windows 7/VS2008 Pro

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My system:
Inteli7 CPU,
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit,
Visual Studio Professional 2008 (which is able to build 64-bit executables),
Intel C++ Compiler Professional 11.1.060
At some point, I did install just the 32-bit version (picked the wrong file from our network file server).
If you then try to use the C:\\Program Files(x86)\\Intel\\Download\\... setup.exe, it won't allow you to install the Intel 64 architecture files.
To work around this, you need to:
a/ Copy the w_proc_p_11.1.060 folder somewhere else (e.g. your desktop);
b/ Don't re-use your existing license, but re-enter the same license;
c/ Do a custom install (standard install will just install 32-bit only)
This should get you up and running with the IA32/Intel 64 combination, finally.
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Hi Oliver,
thanks for sharing your experience.

I'm not sure if there is a bug to me. You might be downloaded an IA32 pkg so the "setup.exe" under the "Download" folder does not see the "x64" compiler. But I'll try to confirm and let you know.

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