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Installation of XE-2011 C++ in SUSE-11.3

I have been trying to install the XE-2011 C++ Composer on my computer. The operating system is SUSE-11.3 which is the guest operating system with Windows XP 64 Professional as the host operating system under VMware 7.0. The Composer downloads and appears to install properly using the command: source /opt/intel/bin/ intel64 . However, when I attempt to compile and execute the openmp_sample.c file it gave a large number of error messages. Included are missing cin and cout names. If I try to run the C++ program it also gives a huge number of missing names. I want to note that I have installed the XE-2011 Fortran Composer and this seems to operate properly. At this point I am uncertain whether I have not followed the installation instructions correctly or there is something wrong with the C++ Composer. Possibly the SUSE operating system has a problem. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Amos Leffler
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openmp_sample.c (cout & cin) (c language iostream strange ??)
verify if is wrote with (std::)
std::cout & std::cin
or is fault mime extention require ( .cc) ??


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