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Installing Intel Parallel Studio under bash for Windows


I am trying to do something a bit "unorthodox" by installing Intel C++ Composer under bash for windows (using windows for Linux subsystem).

The idea is to use a bash prompt directly from windows and not switch back and forth between a virtual machine. Unfortunately I am getting the following error with no additional details:

Something wrong with activation module. Please go to for your support options.

I would really like to make this work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If you look up previous posts on this subject, you should see that Intel indicated that support of LSW facility may be considered in the future.

You may note that, should you build a current supported version of g++ on LSW and attempt to run testsuite, LSW will hang, requiring full Windows reboot.  Other languages (C, Fortran) may complete testsuite, but with reported errors not seen on a native Ubuntu.  Versions of LSW prior to "anniversary" didn't support updating gcc.  So LSW seems to fall somewhat short of replicating native Ubuntu.

For what it's worth, attempts to build gfortran on Windows 10 also run into failures not seen on Windows 7 nor 8.1.

I suppose Intel may not undertake such a project without assurance of support from Microsoft.



OK thanks for the feedback. Just in case I created the following GitHub issue regarding Bash on Windows: