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Intel® C++ Compiler 18.0 for Linux gcc requirements


In the Intel C++ Compiler 18.0 for Linux Release Notes:


  • One of the following Linux distributions (this is the list of distributions tested by Intel; other distributions may or may not work and are not recommended - please refer to Technical Support if you have questions):
    • Debian* 7.0, 8.0, 9.0
    • Fedora* 24, 25, 26
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux* 6, 7
    • SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server* 11, 12
    • Ubuntu* 14.04 LTS, 15.10, 16.10, 16.04, 17.04 LTS
    • Intel® Cluster Ready
  • Linux Developer tools component installed, including gcc, g++ and related tools
    • gcc versions 4.3 - 6.3 supported
    • binutils versions 2.20-2.26 supported

Linux distribuitions like Fedora 26 (tested by intel) are changing default gcc to gcc 7 and binutils 2.27.

Higher versions of gcc and binutls are planned to be supported in the next updates of 2018? 


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I am away from my Linux box, but you could check release notes for icpc 18.0.1. An upgrade of binutils is unlikely to be problematical and should not interfere with problem reports. The most likely problem with gcc7 would be new c++ features which icpc doesn't support yet.
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