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Intel® C++ Compiler Classic 2021.2.1 Release


Intel® C++ Compiler Classic 2021.2.1 Release is now available.

This version is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio* 2019 16.9.3. This release fixes calls to math built-in function which caused linker issue with VS 2019 v16.9.3.  This allows the Intel C++ Compiler Classic to work with VS 2019 16.9.3.  C++ Users with VS 2019 update 16.9.3 should install this patch to fix the link issue.

Additional information is available in the Intel® C++ Compiler Classic Release Notes


  • This 2021.2.1 is a PATCH release. If you use Intel Fortran please do NOT install this patch Release as it will break any existing Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic and Intel® Fortran Compiler (Beta) 2021.x that is installed on your system
  • The 2021.2.1 Release is for Windows* only, C++ only, and a fix only for the Intel® C++ Compiler Classic only.  DPC++ and ICX users do not need this release since it contains no new fixes or features from 2021.2.0.
  • The 2021.2.1 Release is only provided by an offline download HERE .  This Release is not provided on the Intel® Registration Center and not in the NuGET repository.


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