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Intel Compiler option does not appear under Project Menu

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I originally had installed Intel Fortran Studio 2017 on Visual Studio 2013. When we received the 2018 update, I installed VS 2017 Pro and installed the Intel 2018 update which asked me which VS version to integrate. I chose VS 2017. I did not delete or uninstall VS 2013 which was integrated with the Intel 2017 compilers. Everything seems to work fine with the Fortran compiler.

I decide to add a C++ procedure. I started a C++ project with a simple Hello world with Visual C++. However, I want to use Intel C++ compiler. I cannot find a way to switch to Intel C++ compiler. Contrary to the instructions in the reference manual, I do not have an "Intel Compiler" entry under the Project menu or anywhere else in VS 2017.

I checked installation using the instructions given under "troubleshooting-fortran-integration-issues". I seemed to have all the right files in the right places.

Any help would be appreciated.

I. Konuk



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Follow up:

Under the VS 2017:

Tools>Options>Intel Compilers and Tools

contains "Visual Fortran" and "Debugger". No sign of C++.



this is installation issue, you can submit a ticket to Online Service Center. 

There might be a couple of reasons here: 
1) might have installed the Intel Parallel Studio for Fortran Windows only package. so please make sure you have downloaded a pkg with C++ and Fortran compilers
2) the update installation will only install the same components as previous installation. so suggestion is to uninstall the Intel Parallel Studio and reinstall it. 


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Thank you for the prompt response. Before I submit a ticket I will try your suggestion. However, would uninstalling Parallel Studio create a possible issue with my license (Intel). Do I need to do something before uninstalling?

Thanks again.

I. Konuk