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Intel Parallel Studio 2011, Intel C++ Compiler v12 on VS2013




This is a rather odd question, I am currently writing a indy game, many moons ago I forked out the cash to buy the Intel Parallel Studio suite, at the time I was working in the HPC sector, and today not so much, so I let my subscription lapse.

Unfortunatly due to the how boring my job is I decided to make an indy game, and I've update my tool-chain accordingly at least in terms for windows (ie: Visual Studio 2013 pro). Unfortunatly I do not have the money to take repurchase Parallel Studio as its out of my price range now.

However I was wondering if it was possible to use the intel C++ v12 compiler it came with it, along with the other Intel libraries?

Has the feature set moved that much? Are there possible binary issues?


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A compiler of a newer major version may use library calls which don't work with an older library (even if you don't use any newer syntax).  Object files made with an older compiler should work at least with the libraries of the next major version, usually longer.