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Intel Parallel Studio Licensing Question

I am looking at purchasing a named user license for Intel Parallel Studio Cluster Edition. I am interested in using the C++ and Fortran compilers for MPI applications which I want to compile with Intel MPI.

As I understand it, a named user license only allows one user at a time to compile software (or analyze performance with VTune, etc) at a time. 

Does this restriction also extend to mpirun? In other words, would I need a different Parallel Studio license for each and every node of my cluster to run MPI? This would be prohibitively expensive.

Please advise.

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Black Belt

Intel MPI doesn't require a run-time license.  There is a run-time only package which may be installed anywhere you wish to run.  Further questions on that would be answered better on the HPC cluster forum. 

For development, unless you wish to buy a named license for each developer, a floating license should be appropriate.  You need only the number of copies required for simultaneous compile.  The license token is locked to an individual for about 15 mins after an individual compile and link. 

This is all from my recollection, now that I have retired.