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Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2013 for Linux Instillation errors


Dear Intel users,

I am trying to install 'Intel® Parallel Studio XE for Linux', on Linux Unbuntu (64 bit), but I am getting errors during the instillaion. I have downloaded 'parallel_studio_xe_2013_update3.tgz', from

And I am using the 30 day free trial licence. During instillation I get an error saying:

There are one or more critical unresolved issues which prevent the installation
from continuing.  You can fix them without exiting from the installation and
re-check. Or you can quit from the installation, fix them and run the
installation again.
Missing critical pre-requisite
-- Intel(R) Composer XE 2013 Update 3 for Linux*: Trial license install of IA-32
product on Intel(R) 64 system with Debian* or Ubuntu* OS is not supported

Does this mean that I cannot run this sofware on Unbuntu? Are there other distributions of Linux that it will run on? I am downloading this software specifically as I need the Intel C++ Compiler and the Intel Math Kernel Library.

Thank you very much for your help,


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By the way, what version of Ubuntu 64-bit do you use? >>...You can fix them without exiting from the installation and re-check... I can't verify the installation on Ubuntu but the error message looks like a warning '...You can fix them without exiting from the installation...'. Did you try to proceed with the installation?

Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your reply. I am using ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I couldn't proceed with the instillation as it gave an error saying it was missing critical pre-requisites. I also tried to install the c compiler and mkl libraries only, but this also failed. Do you know of any other way of installing them without installing Intel Parallel suite?



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Critical prerequisites usually refer to components of the linux distro, and there is a selection to view the missing prerequisites, which you didn't quote.   For example, simply installing g++ in a 64-bit distro nowadays doesn't provide components to support g++ -m32, as required for the icc ia32 compiler, but you should be able to install the "intel64" 64-bit compiler.  The full parallel studio product wouldn't make a difference in this respect.

The message quoted at the top of the thread implies that the 32-bit icpc hasn't been tested successfully with 64-bit Debian or Ubuntu 64-bit, but would work on an LSB-compliant distro (if you could install the 32-bit g++).  It would have been tested on red hat and suse, as you could see in the release notes.