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Intel® Parallel Studio XE: does it come with source code? LFS


I run Linux From Scratch, i'm fully sourced, and wonder if Intel's C compiler is - or needs only ld(1) to load (is static 386 build?).

I have one.

My CONCERN is the intel pages first say "for x32 x64 Linux and Intel graphics".  But in the release notes it says "Linux 5,6 redhat depreciated or dropped, all past intel graphics before 2013 depreciated or dropped".  If i want malware where my software never compiles due to changes and my hardware never gets supported i can use Linux.  If i want one-time wonder multimedia i can get Windows throw-away technology (works on release day on like pc, never after)

In the past intel binaries were portable across many intel machines - just copy the binary no need to recompile (unless for heavy multimedia support involved)

I'm interested in intel portability (i386 arch), reliability of past products, and possibly multimedia support (mpg, maybe opengl), and speed!

"Studio XE: Deliver top application performance while minimizing development, tuning and testing time. Includes C/C++ and Fortran compilers, powerful programming models & libraries, error analysis and performance tuning."

i understand this puts Intel in the driver's chair of core development (based on euro and goog Le malware being prolific: i may welcome that).  but that doesn't mean i wish them to do the same (malware) without even having source code

i'm interested in a USA company keeping malware out of toolchain i'd use it - not interested if they are merely attempting to overthrow euro malware tobe king of malware: that's a problem i already have

thank you - hope to try it sometime

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Hi John,
The Intel Compilers don't come with the source code per-se and you'll need to download and install the product on supported platforms to use the compiler accordingly (creates the necessary compiler drivers/binaries for use). Also, the compilers is windows compatible and on Linux is GNU based (uses GNU ld/asm) as well for compatibility with MS and GNU compilers.

Thanks for your feedback which I'll pass on to the product team, appreciate much.



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