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Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2017 emulator for linux (SDE)


Hi all,

I am a newbe for Parallel Studio,

I Trying to understand if there is a emulator that i can use and download that emulates the use of Xeon Phi Coprocessors.

As far as i know, I had found that there is a a SDE (sde-external-7.49.0-2016-07-07-lin.tar.bz2) that i can use.

Are there any pre requirements to this installation ?

What linux platform should i use ( or what is the most prefered by intel) ?

What does thhis SDE gives me ?

Is this SDE can emulate the use of multiple cores and the use of threads parallelism ?

And the last question, What is the best or prefered IDE that i can use ?


Nir Hadar

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SDE is usually discussed on the Intel ISA forum.  If you wish to get opinions on what value it may offer for MIC emulation, you might ask on the MIC forum.  It's of little use as a way of running an application built for an ISA not present on your platform, in the sense that running native code will be several times faster.

I'm not aware of any preferred platform; it should run on any system where the compiler runs.  It seems unlikely to be useful or to have been tested much to run MIC KNC code on KNL, for example, although in principle that should be possible.

I haven't used it lately, but I haven't heard of new aspects being added to it.  We used to use it to compare instruction counts for applications built with various ISA settings.  That didn't have a lot of value, as it led to even people who should know better making unjustified assumptions about the value of reduced instruction counts.  Our teams never had access to any SDE version which could be used for performance prediction.

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