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Intel tool compiler packages with squeeze Debian 6

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Debian Squeeze icc install and all working very well.
Congratulation Team Icc now installer program largely better..
also all new utility added working very well for debug and understand how to improved.

I have test ICC group various programs (400 elements) without any problem.
With little time disposed I have not used optimized flag for observe evaluated
performance. (also i have not great machine installed to my hand ,only simple Intel 2 cores)

GNU Compiler 4.6.0 is now ready ,I have build source and have observed performance
all side largely improved.
Only , Now is furious ,all variables are not used and strange syntax could
call message warning.
Same; It could confirm realy with two sides ,when problem with ICC
is an true problem.

Time required for compile is more long with icc that required by new gnu 4.6.0

I have build source btrfs with gnu compiler.
I have mount some partitions btrfs for using functionality dynamical tablespaces Data Base
is very well but performance this files system give result less that 25%/30% with
compared ext3,ext4 , jfs xfs or all other...
Is Strange, i have read several document that this files system is more speed that other...


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