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Is the Intel C++ Compiler (19.0) now only using the Clang front-end (i.e. already abandoned EDG)?


In 16.0, the Intel C++ Compiler provided two compilers (one based on EDG, another based on Clang).

From the 16.0 documentation:

Using the Command Line

To invoke the compiler from the command line, use a command similar to the following:

For C source files: icc my_source_file.c or icl my_source_file.c

For C++ source files: icpc my_source_file.cpp or icl++ my_source_file.cpp

Following successful compilation, the compiler creates an executable file in the current directory.

icl/icl++ is a Clang-based front-end. You can use Clang options with this compiler. icc/icpcis an EDG-based front-end. You cannot use Clang options with icc/icpc.

But I'm not seeing a similar description now in 19.0 document.

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