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Is there any alternative way to achieve function of some gcc options? (like -Wlogical-op, -Wvla ...)


Hi, all,

I am trying to use icc to compile an already existed porject which used to be compiled using gcc. At first i thought icc is compatible with gcc (my gcc version is 4.8.4 and icc version is 2015) after read GCC* Compatibility and Interoperability, but when compile my project with icc, i found some options icc doesn't support as below:

-Wswitch-default, -Wredundant-decls, -Wcast-align, -Wlogical-op, -Wvla, -Wold-style-cast 

I wonder if there any alternative way to achieve function of these gcc options.

Furthermore, is there a list whose content relates to diffiences between gcc options and icc options.

Thanks a lot.

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Those gcc options are just for requesting specific warning diagnostics. Since you know that your project compiles correctly with gcc, you don't need to worry about the fact that icc doesn't currently implement those particular -W options.  Is your project building or do you encounter an error?  If you are getting an error, please cut and paste the diagnostic error messages into a reply. We can likely provide a workaround.  


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