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Larger Executables Won't Run on Windows XP 64

Hello - I'm new to this group. Hopefully someone has run across the same problem I'm having and can point me to a solution. I've worked a couple of days on this already. I use Visual C++ 6.0 to compile my C++/grafix programs on Windows XP (32 bit) service pack 3. I'm trying to upgrade to an 8 processor HP workstation running Windows XP 64 bit. People tell me that my executables should run seamlessly on 64 bit computers. Not so. Before I had this workstation I tried running my apps on other 64 bit windows computers at my company. I always get the same error (0xc0000017 "Application Failed to Initialize Properly"). The apps fail immediately. These apps have been transferred successfully to many 32 bit machines. There's no problem with DLLs being missing or anything like that. I'm committed to moving all my work over to this new workstation. So I'm to tyring to pin this problem down. I've Googled that error code and gotten lots of explanations about insufficient memory or insufficient virtual memory, etc. Tried running several apps of different sizes (executable), requiring different amounts of memory. Found that many of my smaller apps ran fine. All of my larger apps do not run. And one of my medium size apps also fails, but it does require a lot of RAM. This workstation has 12 GB of RAM. If the apps run on my old computer with 4 GB, shouldn't they run on a 12 GB system? I've tried messing around with the Virtual memory setting, upping it to 18 gb. Didn't help. Still getting the same error message. I'm guessing that it's not really a memory problem.

Anyone else run into this problem and find a solution? Thanks.
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Make same this 3 test before you extend search under the O/S.
Open bios and see if you can change some parameter (also upgrade last firmeware).
Remove half memory of machine (6Go).
Remove (if is AGP) or add new video card (standard PCI) for temporary test .
Make test with Vista pro 64 or new seven 64 operating
system largely better that XP . (memory management large size ).
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