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Link for having license file emailed or displayed


Today I registered with Intel as a user and for the Intel C++ Composer XE for LInux.  I would like to install this on my Gentoo system but need the license file for the product.  No license file was attached to the registration email nor can I find a link on or below the My Intel Software Development Products page. I did get a serial number for the product. When I try to register the serial number, an indication that it is already registered appears, but no links for managing the product or the license.  At least none that I can find.

The email I received referred to a page that let the product be downloaded.  I tried the short version link but that downloaded a shell script that quit after seeing that my system is not RPM based.  Gentoo's Portage tree has an ebuild for icc so someone else has figured out how to download it and install it correctly.  I just need the license file in place to allow the download and to appease the binaries.



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on https registrationcenter dot intel dot com you have the choice of registering your serial number, or, if already registered, logging in with the support account you created.  Having logged in, you can request another copy of your license to be emailed.  If the email account you registered with is subject to a firewall which strips attachments, or you don't remember the account name or password, you may need to go to the companion forum on registration and licensing.



    Yes, you can resend the license file to your email-id. Please follow the steps in the following article and step 5 in particular will address your issue. Hope this helps.


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To close this out.  My question has been answered.  Thanks to all who helped.

There was no license file to begin with, I think because this product was offered free as part of a Non-Commercial Software Development agreement.

The large tarball that I finally downloaded came with its own install shell script. This script did in fact let me install, using just the serial number.  It created a license file as part of the install.  The script warned that my distro was not supported, but it let me proceed with the install aanyway, and the first test of icc works.