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Link static lib built with ICL with regular MS compiler

I built one lib with intel compiler and I use the static library with regular visual studio.
However, I get these errors about missing libraries:
cannot open file 'libmmt.lib'
cannot open file 'libirc.lib'
cannot open file 'svml_dispmt.lib'
cannot open file 'libdecimal.lib'

In debug build, even though I get these link errors, if I manually ignore these libs at link time then my app links properly. In release, if I ignore them I get some unresolved symbols (related to optimized intel_memcpy etc).

So, the question is: what's the rule to build static libs with intel compiler so that the resulting lib could be used with normal VS environment: e.g. the lib shouldn't even mention intels-pecific libs (so that the user wouldn't have to add them to ignore list)?


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