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Linux: Code analysis tools and tool chains supporting Intel (parallel) Studio


I'm planning a tool chain for a C++ project and looking for a good and payable solution for static code analysis and code style check tools. Our project uses Jenkins for continuous integration, Stash git for version control, cppunit for testing and Artifactory for SW-deployment. Everthing is embedded into RedHat (RHEL 7). The target application is a MPI parallelised C++ code. The problem: Typical tools e.g. cppcheck, can be configured to support Intel libraries (IPP / MKL / IMPI syntax), but it has to be done by hand and does not work properly. The Intel static code analyzer provided by the Inter C/C++ Compiler icpc/icc can (of course) not be tailored to check code style or project specific issues. My question: does anybody know a tool, which can both, code analysis and style check *and* is ready for use with Jenkins or other automated build chains? As an example: our Java experts use SonarQube, where a very expensive C++ tool chain can be purchased (several k$ per year). I've also heard about Coverity, which seem to support full toolchains, as well. But like SonarQube it seems to be very expensive. Maybe you are experienced with automated tool chains and can give some advise - e.g. what is your toolchain? Thank you very much! Cheers Sebastian

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