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Mac OS X 10.7.2: issue with tbb and Debug configuration

I'm compiling a program underMac OS X 10.7.2, with Xcode 4.2.1 and Intel Composer XE 2011 sp1.8.269.
I am linking to tbb_debug in the Debug configuration, and tbb in the Release configuration.
When trying to run the program compiled with the Debug configuration, it crashes with the following error:

Run-Time Check Failure: The variable '_j' is being used without being initialized

Using gdb, I could find that the variable j is used in linux_intel64.h, in this function:

static inline int64_t __TBB_machine_lg( uint64_t x ) {

int64_t j;

__asm__ ("bsr %1,%0" : "=r"(j) : "r"(x));

return j;


The execution stops at line 281 of partitioner.h:

if(my_divisor) src.my_max_depth += static_cast(__TBB_Log2(src.my_divisor/my_divisor));

When I run the program compiled using the Release configuration, everything seems to run fine.

Could somebody give me some suggestions on how to fix this problem?


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