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Not able to install Intel Parallel StudioXE 2019 update3 cluster edition with floating license of two users


Hi Recently we've got Intel parallel studio with the floating license for two users.

We've successfully registered and downloaded the Intel parallel studioXE 2019 update3 as well as the license manager version for linux. We didn't get any error while installing the Intel license manager and activating the license.

But when we are trying to install it on local server which uses Intel Xeon bronze 3106 series processor running with Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS. Its showing license errors on trying different possibilities:

1. Without using the license manager and directly providing the key during the installation

Error- its says this serial number for floating license is not registered even though I have registered it online.

2. Using Intel license manager

error: "The license files provided is not valid for this product"

Attached are the screen shots and the license file for the reference. We've followed all the steps mentioned in the installation guides of Parallel StudioXE as well as Intel License manager. Please help us out. Thank you in advance.


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Can you create a ticket at  

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