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On Linux, uninstalling older version of compiler damages current version


When I install new compiler version, old one is maintained.

Maybe installer should ask the user what to do about older versions (delete/keep).

If I then uninstall the old version using

... intel/parallel_studio_xe_2019.4.068/

(depending on the version I am uninstalling)

it also damages the current installation, for example

... intel/bin/

also gets deleted and compiler no longer starts.

I had to use repair tool from the GUI installation to fix the currently installed version.

I am using OpenSUSE 15.0, 64 bit, i7-5820K, but it should not matter, since the bug is clearly in the unistallation tool.


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I tried to reproduce it on SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server* 15.0, but  wasn't able to reproduce it. 

Do you have another system to try?  Please see 


My compliers are installed locally, not as root (maybe that matters).

Since installation now creates


and the links to the last installed version, maybe links also get removed when old version is removed, since links are shared.

Since compilers are HUGE (especially if you choose several options), you are bound to run out of space if you keep the old versions.

And if you delete older versions, current version stops working, and it is not a pleasant workflow during upgrade.

I also understand that it is impossible to fix old uninstallers. So maybe this is something to be checked for the new uninstall scripts. And maybe include tool to uninstall old versions during installation of new version.