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Optimisation report for shared library


I am trying to look at the vectorisation report for some code I have in a shared library. I turn it on the way it is described here. I get this message here:

message #10346: optimization reporting will be enabled at link time when performing interprocedural optimizations

But I cannot find the report once the compilation has successfully finished. However, the executable that links to my shared library does produce an optimisation report correctly. Am I doing something wrong? 

I am using the 2017 compiler and windows 10 with MSVS 2015.

Thank you for any hints.


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Rookie mistake! I had the output folder for the report pointing to the same output folder of the executable. And visual studio cleans up the output folder before it dumps the binaries into it. I.e. the compiler was creating the report for the dll first placing it into the folder and then the compiler of the executable was deleting it first thing. Its own report was obviously still there as it came with the executable itself.

Sorry to be wasting your time.


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