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Parallel Studio 2018 Update 1 Installation with --nonrpm-db-dir on Linux


Dear all,

I am trying to install Parallel Studio 2018 Update 1 into a separate directory and without destroying the existing 2017 install. Therefore I try to used the --nonrpm-db-dir option of the command line installer. This option, as well as the corresponding setting in the silent.cfg file, gets ignored as long as an rpm command is found on the system. If I rename /usr/bin/rpm to /usr/bin/rpm.bak and then start the setup I can install the current parallel Studio version independent of the previously installed ones. Why to I need the hack with renaming the rpm tool? If I do not do this. The installer says that old products are installed in a different path and uses this path to update the old installation. But it cannot be the solution to rename the rpm command before? Is there a proper way to get two (or more) separated installations of Parallel Studio?

I recognized this behaviour on an CentOS 7.4 x86-64.

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