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Parallel studio update3 windows install permanent hang



I am trying to install icc parallel studio update 3 in a license server environment.

I have the license server up, and I installed the compiler fine on one server.

I am trying to install on my laptop, but had many install failures over the space of a couple of days.

now when I try to install it permanently hangs with the install window showing:

'Starting pre_install.js...'

I do not know what to clean up to get the compiler to install.


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Most frequently this is caused by a previous version which hasn't been removed cleanly.

If you can re-install or repair the older version in question, then remove it, that should help.

I have had to remove all Intel software tools several times, and follow up (for Windows 8.1) with the commercial "special uninstaller."  On Win7, free microsoft uninstall tools should work

If you don't succeed by cleaning up your Intel installations, you could submit a support case on, attaching your installation log (in the usual case where the problem reported there isn't evident).  Even the experts don't necessarily figure out the right resolution from those logs without iteration.

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