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Problem linking C objects and generating HEX file using IC96 compiler


First off, please pardon my ignorance since I am new to the subject.

I've been handed over a group of source code files (.c, .h, ...) written in C and a compiler IC96 (DOS 5.0 <046-N> iC-95 Compiler V2.3). These files had been compiled, linked and used to generate a HEX file (to flash some chip) without errors.

That was a couple of years ago. The source codes are still compiled without errors. But linking the compiled objects give errors. I don't understand the nature of the linker enough but by trials and errors, I'm under impression that the linker throws errors because there are more objects or the total in size than the linker can handle (I was able to link a few objects but not all of them).

1. Would someone please share any documentations regarding this compiler or linker? the .hlp files come with the iC96 compiler don't have anything on the linker.

2. If I want to re-use the source codes with a new/better/more recent compiler to ultimately get the HEX file, what would be your recommendation? Please note that cost is the most important factor. We are a very small company and trying to salvage an old program.

Thank you kindly for your help.

/*-------LINKING SCRIPT--------*/

rl96 12345.obj,
    cstart.obj,             &
    alpha.obj,              &
    alphasup.obj,           &
    init_isr.obj,           &
    util.obj,               &
    lcd.obj,                &
    led_key.obj,            &
    lower_s.obj,            &
    alphacom.obj,          &
    c:\ic96\lib\c96.lib       &
    to alpha                &
    RAM(1Ah-0FFh,8000h-9FFFh(alpha)) &
    ROM(2000h-207Fh,2080h-7FFFh(cstart)) ixref

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>>...But linking the compiled objects give errors... Krys, Please provide a list of linker errors. Also, I understood that at the beginning everything was fine with linking. So, what did you do to the project before linker errors started?