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Problem with Registration on some servers


We have 5 floating licenses for Intel C++ Compiler and have issues activating the product successfully using Floating license activation. We managed to get this to work on some other servers in the past. 

We get the message "License cannot be verified: license server is down or not responding."
We get the same error even when I try to activated with the same license file used on the license server.

The license server is working fine as we have other clients that checking out license for Intel builds.

When I ran the command below on the new client machine:

lmutil lmstat -a


lmutil lmdiag -c 27009@XX.XXX.XXX.XXX [feature]

I can see that the new client connects successfully to the our floating license server and I can see that 5 floating licenses are available for checkout.

When I do the product registration with this new client, I do not see any new log messages from the license server "IFLEXlLog.txt" or any debug messages from the client %INTEL_LMD_DEBUG%.

The client does have access to the internet and can connect to the server port via New-Object System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient or  and lmutil commands. The client machine doesn't appear to have firewall switched on.

However, the new client and the server are on different network domains but this shouldn't matter with the above proven connectivity. Note that the license server works fine on a few machines on the same domain as the server.

Please advise.










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Can you open a ticket at


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If you try to activate a license over a VPN it will not work. You would need to be using the network tied to that particular license. I had this same issue with a similar package (FORTRAN composer for Windows).

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