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Profile guided optimizations do not work at all on OSX


I'm trying to use PGO on OSX and while it works on Windows (only 64-bit though), here I can generate 64-bit executable for profiling, but to perform the profile guided opts then, the compiler returns this:

dyld: Library not loaded: @loader_path/libcilkrts.5.dylib
  Referenced from: /opt/intel/composer_xe_2015.3.187/bin/intel64/profmerge
  Reason: image not found
icpc: error #10106: Fatal error in /opt/intel/composer_xe_2015.3.187/bin/intel64/profmerge, terminated by trace trap

I tried reinstalling, didn't help. I'm using this composer_xe_2015.3.187 on newest OSX.

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