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Proper Uninstallation of Compilers

I hope this is the right place for this question.
Intel Composer XE for Linux* (formerly Intel Compiler Suite Professional Edition for Linux*)
is what I hav installed. I did not see a proper forum for this product, but thoguht since this was a C++ compiler, someone in here might have the answer or point me in the right direction.
I did not know there was an uninstaller for this program, and I ran a
rm -rf *
in order to remove and do a reinstall. Each time I try to reinstall the compilers, the installer tells me I need to run the uninstall script and then reinstall. Since I wasthe idiot who just ran a rm -rf * on my installation directory, is there a way to force the installer to install or, how do I manually "uninstall" what pieces are left that makes the installer tell me to run the uninstall script?
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The problem is that you bypassed the RPM manager when you deleted the files, so its database is incoherent.

A recent thread addressed the corresponding problem for thr Fortran product. You may adapt it by making suitable substitutions.

LINK: problem about intel fortan compiler 12
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Hello Mack,

Did the link above help you to fix the problem?
If NO please let me know, I'll prepare detailed instructions.

We are recommending to use uninstall scripts to remove product because it supports not only physical removing but some post-uninstall actions to make customer environment cleaned.
Uninstall script usually is located in /bin/*

Thank you,
- Nikolay

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