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Query about an type Intel machine

New Contributor I
Hi all
I have find one old machine small price for use as personal.
Problem i am unable to get exactly type processor have this machine before buy.
Is HP ProLiant DL760 G2 Server series 8 X XEON MP 3Ghz
I want see if It can accept 64 bits O/S ?? or too old is 32 only.

is strange not wrote in pdf file technical document machine.
In www with read some document i have understand that It can be (Gallatin)
but I am not sure , really not sure..

Thank for help if some users have information for light me about type processor
have this model machine.
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Black Belt
Gallatin was a version of the final 32-bit CPU As you say, it's difficult to confirm that model had Gallatin CPUs. I didn't realize such servers were still sold as recently as 5 years ago. Strangely, we have encountered situations where Intel libraries mis-identified these CPUs. Possibly, the consistency math library in the Intel 12.0 compilers (now in beta test) may overcome this problem, as would the use of non-Intel compilers.
New Contributor I
Hi Tim
Thank for your answer about all information .
Just i want buy this machine for use some card (eth) slot pci 64 i have already not used
(is for using machine as DMZ (Apache2 and task PPPD routed), but if Gallatin is confirmed better
i wait an similar machine less old have 64 register possibility.
Damage , small price show not secret .