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Question about thread number on 2CPU


Hi, I need some help....


I've developed a application to work on image.


There are so many object to inspect, So we are testing on workstation platform with 2CPU(Xeon E5).


I have 32 Thread(each CPU has 8Core and 16 Thread), But Openmp Works only Half Side.


I set '32' thread using omp_set_thread_num function, but It works only 16thread.


What should i do to solve this problem?


The O/S : Windows Server 2008

Ram : 16GB

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Black Belt

I think you mean omp_set_num_threads but you haven't given enough detail. Intel openmp defaults to 2 threads per core when hyperthreading is enabled. If you call an mkl function that function defaults to 1 thread per core on Xeon as that gives best performance.