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QuickThread (R) GPL sources now available

Black Belt

The GPL version of the QuickThread(R) threading library sources is now available.
user: quickthread001
password: Download001!

Case sensitive, with zero-zero1, password has "!"
(please do not post anything into this ftp site)

Caution, this is not for casual use. The download is 44MB containing the development system sans .obj, .exe, .lib, etc.

Some of the projects are VS2010 others are VS2008. This archive is .zip format.

Library builds using Intel C++ (Windows) or GCC 4.5 or later on Linux with Eclipse (may build with GCC on Windows though I haven't tried).

Installation expects to be C:\QuickThread, though you can load elsewhere but may need to change paths in projects if you do.

In C:\QuickThread\QuickThread_v3 you will find the VS 2010 solution file for creating the Windows version of the libraries.

We probably should not clog up the Intel forum with Q&A. Use for any questions.

The binaries of the libraries are at These are v2, the sources via ftp: are v3

The library is intended for use on IA32, Intel64 and AMD32/64 processors. The code will need adjustments to run on Xeon Phi (aka MIC).

Jim Dempsey

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Black Belt


There was a report of corruption in the archive.

Download link is now available on the website.
The above alternate account will be removed.

Jim Dempsey