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Renewing Non-Commercial Software Development License

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I am a C++ developer who has created and worked with Boost C++ libraries. I had a non-commercial software development license, so I could test my libraries and other Boost libraries against Intel C++, which expired on May 9, 2014 .

I would like to renew the license but every time I go to the Non-Commercial Software Development page at it says "This site is under revision" and suggests that only academic non-commercial software development licenses will be granted.

While I can still test against the Intel C++ versions I have which are covered by my license I would naturally like to test against the latest version(s).

Has Intel stopped granting a non-commercial license for Intel C++ to software developers ? If so I would like to announce it to other Boost developers so they know. If not so, how do I renew my license so I can continue testing against Intel C++ on Linux ?


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I will tell the Boost developers that Intel has discontinued their non-commercial software development license.



I'm discussing your case internally at the moment. You can use a 30 days eval license in the meantime. 


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I do hope my case involves other Boost C++ library developers or regression testers who want to test the against the latest Intel C++ compiler versions. Besides library developers themselves, who try to run tests of their libraries against the leading C++ compilers on the OSs they have, Boost runs regular regression tests through volunteers on their own machines whose results are regularly uploaded to the Boost regression tests pages. Currently Intel C++ is one of the compilers in the Boost regression tests matrix. I don't know how you would vet other Boost library developers or regression testers, but it is something to think about.

Currently the isocpp ( C++ standard foundation's official site ) Getting Started page, at, lists Intel C++ among its free compiler offerings. If this is no longer the case, or is the case only for academics, you may want to update them about it and explain your position.



Thanks for contacting us. It is wonderful to hear you test the Intel C++ Compiler with Boost libraries. Thank you so much for your effort!

Hopefully the non-commercial license offering will be back soon. At the mean time feel free to contact us through forum, or send author a message, or Intel Premier Support. We will do as much as we can.

Thank you!
Jennifer Jiang


Last week I tried to download Intel Parallel studio for c++ (Linux) but I failed due to the fact that Intel was not giving student version of the software out side USA student. But today I am able to register and download the same. I want to get the facts clear. Has Intel reviewed the noncommercial C++ offering recently. If yes from when??  Can any one provide me the information. Thanks to Intel and all.