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This may be a MS VS 2010 issue or Parallel Studio 2011 XE issue.

I have a console window application and wish to create a small sub-window within the console window.
for this I use the Windows API SetConsoleWindowInfo with the appropriate values for my sub window.

What happens is I get a true return for the sub-window (visually checking the args indicate valid call).

The result being the Windows console window itself (w/title bar etc...) gets resized with scroll bars to the effective size of the virtual window within the console window specified.

The desired result is for the "stdout printable" area of the console window being restricted to the specified size and location within the full console window. IOW same as functionality as CRTL for DOS window(int left, int top, int right, int bottom); function.

I can use ReadConsoleOutput and WriteConsoleOutput.. but this is more work.

Jim Dempsey

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